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20 MAR 2022

My Journey into Technology

I graduated from high school in 1982 when computers were being introduced in classrooms. The programming language of the day was BASIC. I found the computer interesting, but not interesting enough to take it as a college major. I chose to take a biology med technology path instead. I left college to get married and started a family and eventually went to community college to become a respiratory therapist. What's that got to do with technology? Hold on, I'm getting to it!

I was given the opportunity to take on system administrator duties to the RCMIS (respiratory care management information system). I learned on the job and performed database and application duties, but never would have identified as a technical person. I decided to go back to school to add credibility to my the knowledge I acquired on the job.

I applied to Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg and entered the Information Systems program. I did well and graduated in 2002. I got my first job in 2003 in a small hospital's IT department as a clinical analyst.

My healthcare background proved to benefit me greatly when it came to landing my first job. I learned so much more in the position than I could have imagined. After 5 years as a clinical analyst, I moved to another hospital where I became certified in a specific application. My pay jumped almost 70%. I soon found out how valuable the certification was for me and the hospitals where I worked. I soon became a consultant and traveled across the country to apply what I learned along the way.

Fast-forward about 5 years, and I've finally landed a position at a prestigious hospital in Los Angeles. As with all large organizations, the were highs and lows. I on again and joined a smaller organization on the precipice of growth as a product manager. I was promoted twice and am now the IT director of applications.

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